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Participants saw how different cities support entrepreneurs and learned new tools and
techniques for accelerating their own start-ups from leading European entrepreneurs.

There was a particular focus on leadership. It also included a visit to the Internet of
Things tech accelerator at the Smart Things Accelerator Centre in Glasgow.

The advanced ecosystem workshop was part of the €1.2m Accelerate Entrepreneurship

Education in Europe project.

The project, led by Adam Smith Business School’s Professor Dominic Chalmers as

Principle Investigator, with Dr Nick Quinn, Professor Jillian Gordon and Professor Niall

MacKenzie aims to develop partner Universities entrepreneurship capacity, increase the

volume of student and staff start-ups, and upskill roles that support innovation and


Students visited Glasgow from Corvinus University in Budapest and Vrije Universiteit


Professor Jillian Gordon said: “The three-day event brought together founders of data

driven entrepreneurial ventures from across Europe to work on the steps beyond

startup. Their energy, enthusiasm, and willingness to share their entrepreneurial

journey and to learn from each other was a joy to experience and facilitate.” 

Dr Nick Quinn said: “The workshop provided a great opportunity to meet with

companies, students and staff from Budapest and Amsterdam as well as from Glasgow

and it was great to see these different groups and nationalities learn from and inspire

each other. We shared many fantastic stories of how to overcome challenges around

start-up and growth.”

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