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Last week, the University of Glasgow's Adam Smith Business School hosted an inspiring workshop titled "Designing an Entrepreneurial University".

This event brought together representatives from the University of Glasgow, Corvinus University of Budapest, and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU Amsterdam) as part of the Accelerate Entrepreneurship Education initiative. This fourth and final three-day workshop focused on operationalizing an entrepreneurial ecosystem, covering topics such as marketing, progress and productivity tracking, ecosystem building, events, KPIs, and investment efforts. These topics contribute to learning crucial skills in the modern field by developing capacity through industry insights. Recognizing the rapid pace of technological advancements, we work closely with partner, which provides training to non-academic colleagues in entrepreneurship and commercialization support roles.

Universities play a crucial role in paving the way for future entrepreneurs. They serve as incubators for innovative ideas, providing students with the knowledge, resources, and support needed to turn their visions into reality. However, innovation and entrepreneurship extend beyond the scope of individual institutions and require collaboration across the entire entrepreneurial ecosystem. Momentum is building across Europe, and the workshop was a representation of the passion and excitement for boosting entrepreneurship that we have on the continent. Participants shared success stories, best practices, and innovative approaches, all contributing to a collective effort to develop entrepreneurial education and support systems. These in-person workshops are imperative in achieving long-term sustainable impact in line with the AccelerateEEE vision.

, which strives to support tech visionaries on their journey to launch, build, scale, and achieve lasting global success, expressed excitement at the progress and relationships forged during the workshop. The institutional exchange and collaboration were made possible through the support of the EIT HEI Initiative, coordinated by EIT Raw Materials, which aims to unlock the full innovation potential of higher education institutions (HEIs) across Europe. The success of this initiative stresses the important role that partners and collaboration play in driving innovation and entrepreneurship forward. This workshop marks another step towards the AccelerateEEE mission, uniting partners to harness the unique strengths and characteristics of their respective ecosystems, and create synergies within an integrated, open, and collaborative network.

Want to develop your entrepreneurship skills?

Join the Accelerate Entrepreneurship in Europe project, a fully funded project supported by the European Institute of Technology’s Higher Education Initiative.

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