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Using the ABC Learning Design Toolkit developed by University College London, this module introduces the concept of ‘learning types’ – acquisition, collaboration, investigation, discussion, practice and production – to underpin the design of an effective learning experience. Each of these learning types corresponds with a range of online tools that can be integrated to the proposed module to create a dynamic and high-quality student experience.

About the online modules:

The module is hosted on the FutureLearn platform.

The module is a self-paced learning opportunity consisting of 4 modules accessible

over the next 6 months, although materials can be accessed asynchronously and

completed beyond this timeframe.

Participation in the module requires approximately 4 hours effort per week. There are

supplementary materials that can be accessed for those who require a more

advanced knowledge base.

The module is non-credit bearing, meaning that it will not be offered as a formal

component of any existing undergraduate or postgraduate degrees. It is a purely

extra-curricular activity at all partner universities.

The module is open to all staff and students across the partner universities but is not

available to third party participants on the open FutureLearn platform.

Here's the registration link. Registration for "How to Build a Data-driven Startup"


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