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After completing the recent Data-Driven Entrepreneurship workshop, one of the participating VU students reflected on the experience:

Reflecting on an incredible three day experience at the Data-Driven Entrepreneurship Workshop hosted by Corvinus University of Budapest, we are filled with a deep sense of accomplishment and gratitude. This workshop provided a comprehensive exploration of the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hungary, demonstrating how data-driven innovations are revolutionizing the business landscape. The sessions were interesting and offered insights into the ways data analytics and technology can propel business models forward. Emphasizing the crucial roles of legal and ethical data management in the process.

One of the central themes of the workshop was understanding how to build a data-driven start-up in 2024. This focus provided invaluable insights into the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Hungary and what the university is doing to develop its ecosystem. Key takeaways included the significant roles that data analytics and technology play in evolving business models. These elements are vital in today's business environment, ensuring that start-ups can innovate while maintaining integrity and trust. Throughout the workshop, we had the pleasure of meeting individuals from Budapest and the University of Glasgow. Each participant brought their unique and brilliant ideas to the table, enriching the discussions and providing diverse perspectives. Networking with these innovative individuals was one of the highlights of the workshop, offering opportunities for future collaborations and long lasting connections. The conversations

and challenging of ideas between participants from different backgrounds was particularly inspiring, fostering a truly global perspective on entrepreneurship.

Another particularly memorable aspect of the workshop was the pitch session. This event was a competitive showcase of ideas, with teams presenting their business ideas. The quality of the pitches was great, making it a challenging task for the judges to select the top three most promising start-up ideas. We are thrilled to announce that both Amsterdam teams that participated in the event BeyondBounds Studios and Hempax won at the pitch session. As a reward, both teams secured a mentorship program and some Hungarian wine, which was a well received bonus. This achievement was made possible through the support of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The workshop concluded with a dinner, where participants had the opportunity to meet the fantastic teams from Corvinus' Boost Programme and all the speakers.

As we return to Amsterdam, the experience from the workshop really adds momentum to our startup. This experience has not only provided us with new knowledge and insights but has also inspired us to push the boundaries of our entrepreneurial journey.

In summary, the Data-Driven Entrepreneurship Workshop at Corvinus University of Budapest was an enlightening and rewarding experience. It provided valuable insights into data-driven entrepreneurship, fostered meaningful connections, and equipped us with the tools and inspiration needed to succeed in our future challenges. The combination of practical knowledge, networking opportunities, and the social events

hosted by the Corvinus University of Budapest made it a truly unforgettable experience, and we are excited to see how these experiences will shape our journey ahead.

Special Thanks to Dr. Neil Thompson for his support in making this trip possible.

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