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We are happy to announce the successful Advanced Ecosystem Workshop held at the VU Amsterdam from 15-17 November. The three-day event featured a presentation on the Amsterdam Ecosystem by Professor Enno Masurel (VU Amsterdam), a workshop on generative AI for entrepreneurship led by Professor Dominic Chalmers (University of Glasgow), coaching on delivering a convincing pitch by David Voros (Corvinus University Budapest), start-up pitches by students, among many other activities.

The Advanced Ecosystem workshops dives deep into the world of data-driven ventures,

offering practical insights on acquiring, managing, and storing data, the accelerator process,

how leadership and management feature in moving your venture beyond the start-up phase,

and the art of pitching to investors. 

The ultimate goal of the workshop series is to strengthen social connections, foster collaboration and provide the necessary support and resources for data-driven entrepreneurship. Overall, these workshops contribute to the development and competitiveness of the ecosystem.  

This workshop is part of a series dedicated to fostering data-driven entrepreneurship across a

consortium of EU universities, funded by the European Institute of Innovation and

Technology and the European Commission.  For more information please visit our 


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