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Building an Entrepreneurial University

Expanding the role of universities towards paving the way for tomorrow's change-makers

    The Building an Entrepreneurial University workshop is designed for small groups of non-academic university staff who work in roles that have the potential to shape and catalyze support for entrepreneurship at their university.

    We recognize that each of the partner university has complementary areas of strength, and thus a core aim of the workshop is to facilitate peer-learning across the consortium.

    Over the course of four workshops, which is host by one of the partner universities, this project aims to bring current industry best-practice to key change-makers in the university, so they can positively influence decision-making relating to entrepreneurship support at the partner HEIs.

    The workshops are delivered by, a leading IOT innovation accelerator who are a full partner on the ACCELERATE consortium. From STAC, participants engage with cutting-edge practice from top international ecosystems (in Europe, Asia and North America), and develop an individual action plan that they will take forward post-workshop with the aim of embedding entrepreneurship support further into the university.

    Finally, the ‘Building an Entrepreneurial University’ workshops are aimed at developing a community of practice (COP) joining non-academic staff across the partner universities.
    Interested in joining in? Contact us at
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