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Advanced Innovation Ecosystem Workshop

Advance your knowledge of start-up tools and ecosystems to scale-up a data-driven entrepreneurial idea

    The Advanced Innovation Ecosystem Workshop is a small and selective workshop for the most promising academic staff or student data-driven start-up ideas.

    Around 12-15 individuals who have participated in the online module will be selected to attend one of four workshops, held at each of the partner universities.

    Upon selection, there are no costs to participants!

    The purpose of each workshop is to a) gain further exposure to more advanced start-up tools and techniques and b) learn how innovation ecosystems function and how they can be leveraged to scale-up a data-driven entrepreneurial idea.

    The workshops run for three days, in person, and will be delivered once at each of the universities. (Budapest November 2022, Glasgow October 2022, Amsterdam Nov 2022, Budapest Spring 2024)

    If you are interested in participating, “Developing a Data-Driven Start-up: Online Module” to be considered for selection at least three weeks before the next workshop.
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