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Advanced Innovation Ecosystem Workshop

Notice: The first Advanced Innovation Ecosystem Workshop was held November 10-12, 2022 at Corvinus University in Budapest. We will soon announce dates for the Spring 2023 workshop

This small, selective workshop is offered for the most promising academic staff/student data-driven start-up opportunities.

    Within the framework of the ACCELERATE-EEE project, Corvinus University’s Institute of Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Institute of Data Analytics and Information Systems hosted the first workshop and competition in English from 10 to 12 November in Budapest/Hungary, in cooperation with the University of Glasgow and Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. The aim of the event was to facilitate the development activities of teams working on their business creation plans, and it focuses mostly on market research, the legal environment and the ecosystem. The first prize is participation in a similar event at the University of Glasgow in the spring of 2023.

    Workshops cover the field of business development and provide useful tools to participants to help them develop their landing page or app. Participants also get an overview of legal aspects and meet several operators in the local start-up ecosystem who may be able to support the new businesses at some point.

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