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Building an Entrepreneurial University

Notice: The first Building an Entrepreneurial University workshop was held in Glasgow from 2 - 4 November 2022. We will soon announce dates for second workshop for Spring 2023.

This workshop is designed for small groups of non-academic staff who work in roles that have the potential to shape and catalyse support for entrepreneurship and commercialisation at the university.

    A core aim of the Building an Entrepreneurial University workshop series is to facilitate peer-learning across the consortium given that each partner university has complementary areas of strength,

    The overall objective of the workshop is to bring current industry best-practice to key change-makers in the university, so they can positively influence decision-making relating to entrepreneurship support at the partner universities.

    The first Building an Entrepreneurial University workshop was held in Glasgow from 2 - 4 November.

    Module specification:

    The module ran for three days, in person, and will be delivered once at each of the partner universities.

    The module will be delivered by, a leading IOT innovation accelerator who are a full partner on the AccelerateEEE consortium.

    Participants engaged with cutting-edge practice from top international ecosystems (e.g.,
    in Europe, Asia and North America).

    Participants developed an individual action plan that they will take forward post-workshop with the aim of embedding entrepreneurship support further into the university.

    A second component of the Building an Entrepreneurial University work package pertains to developing a community of practice (COP) that joins non-academic staff across the partner universities. The COP will initially be formed around discussing progress on individual action plans developed during the workshops. These meetings will be facilitated by through an online session held every six months.

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